A better Choice

~A better Taboret is a new innovation in taboret design!~

Built and designed by an artist…for artists…this table offers new and innovative features not found in any other taboret.  A better Taboret is the ideal choice for any artist, from the professional to the hobbyist.

Now available in two options–Deluxe Studio Edition AND Academy Edition

We’ve added more features to this already amazing taboret! See details


Available in two colors–Natural (Golden Oak) and Dark (Dark Walnut)


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4 responses to “A better Choice

  • Leonard

    I think its would perfect if you in stead of using all the silver aluminum used something with a gold or even cobber color instead that would compilmate the dark wood better.

    But im also a just details man:)

    • studio550

      Thanks for the great comment Leonard. I agree, gold or brass would accent the dark wood very well. But I chose the aluminum and silver hinges because they match the existing hardware on my cabinets in my studio. Plus, I don’t mind the look so, really, I think it’s a personal choice. The nice thing is–this is a custom cabinet so we can get you whatever color of hardware you want! Within reason, of course.:)


  • Matt

    Are these custom-built? I’m wondering about one with an integrated table-top easel in place of the watercolorist surface. Even without one, I may consider this and simply place it alongside a traditional easel, but if you *were* to add a top-integrated easel (and still beat the price fot eh Best Shawn’s Painting station), I’d choose this one in a heartbeat.

    • studio550

      Hi Matt, yes, each one of these taborets are hand-made and custom built to order. Although an integrated table-top easel would be a nice addition to the taboret, they were designed after the manner in which I work–placed alongside a traditional easel. I’d be happy to discuss with you the option of custom making a table-top easel for your taboret.



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