A few better features

Here are a few features that are exclusive to A better Taboret:

Photo showing the better features in this taboret table

Detail of taboret table top design

1. Area for an old phone book. I learned from my mentor, William Whitaker, how to use an old phone book to clean the paint out of my brush. You dip your brush in your mineral spirits ONCE then wipe out your brush on the top page of the phone book and tear the page out. Repeat this process until no more color comes out of your brush. This saves on gunking up the tank as quickly and wasting paper towels thus saving money, plus everybody’s got an old phone book laying around.

2. Boxes for quartered shop towels. This is also something I learned from Whitaker–I use paper shop towels to wipe/clean out my brushes when painting. And by quartering them I can get more out of a roll of towels. I wanted boxes to hold them since sometimes when I’m painting with my hand palette and I’ve got a small stack of towels on my taboret, they slide around everywhere when I’m trying to wiping out my brush. The boxes will keep them from doing that–same with the phone book box!

3. Box for brush cleaning tank. I wanted somewhere to keep my brush cleaning tank since I use it constantly. Now I’ve got a place for it!

4. Areas for cups/canisters. These are similar to most artist taboret tables with hole cut-outs for canisters and cups to hold mediums and such. Very useful.

5. Hinged cover. This cover makes this taboret table very unique! The hinged cover closes to hide these items on your taboret table that are sometimes an eye sore. And more importantly, blocks the air to keep the mineral spirits, mediums, etc from evaporating quickly. The cover is also notched on the underside for an additional area to rest paintbrushes during painting sessions.

6. Paintbrush rests. The entire back edge of the taboret is notched to hold many wet brushes. When I’m painting, I’m always looking for places to put my brushes down without making a mess. Now I’ve got plenty.

7. Glass palette. Of course this taboret needed a large area for mixing paint. A large portion of the top is reserved for a 1/4″ thick glass palette.

8. Trash can. The right side cupboard of A better Taboret contains a full extension pull-out garbage can for easy removal of waste materials. And the sliding cover on top make easy access to the garbage and then closes to hide it.

Happy painting,



2 responses to “A few better features

  • iconic:a fine art

    Hi Casey,

    That is amazing and I absolutely want/need one.

    Are these for sale? and if so can it be shipped to Autralia?

    Kind regards


    • studio550

      Hi Duncan! Happy to hear you like this taboret, I really think this design is better than any out there! And, YES, the taboret is available for purchase in two options–the compact “Academy” taboret or the custom “Deluxe Studio” taboret. Go to the link at the top of the page titled, “A better Choice,” to see more details.

      And, of course, we can ship the taboret anywhere even Australia. BUT I have not idea what shipping costs would be to ship internationally. If you would like, I’d be happy to check into it for you. Thanks for your interest!


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