A better Taboret “Academy” Edition

A better Taboret (Academy) - Natural (Golden Oak)


A better Taboret (Academy) Edition

This compact taboret is the perfect choice for the artist with limited space!

Available in two colors–Natural (Golden Oak) and Dark (Dark Walnut)

Sleek and minimalistic, this compact design is handcrafted entirely from 3/4″ solid wood including the front of the table made from solid oak or knotty alder. Built with the best quality in mind, this heavy duty taboret will stand up to any kind of use. More than just a storage cabinet, this beautiful piece of furniture will brighten up any studio.

A better Taboret is mounted on casters (front-locking) for mobility.

The large top work area includes a 23.5″x 23.75″ glass palette. The bottom side of the palette is covered with a neutral gray vinyl coating for accurate color mixing. Notches along the back edge of A better Taboret provide an area for holding wet brushes.

With removable dividers (two sizes included) the top three drawers are designed to hold paint tubes and are versatile enough to hold any kind of storage you need. A single drawer can hold as many as 40 tubes of paint (40ml).

Built from solid 3/4” wood for durability and longevity, a pull-out tray increases the amount of available work area in A better Taboret.

Designed by an artist with innovative features exclusive to this taboret, A better Taboret is the perfect choice for any serious artist!


Overall Dimensions–25.25″ Width | 25.25″ Depth | 31.75″ Height

Glass Palette–23.75″ Width | 23.75″ Depth

Pullout Tray–22.5″ Width | 24.25″ Depth

A better Taboret (Studio) - Dark (Dark Walnut)

(3)Drawer Dimensions (Inside)–21.25″ Width | 22″ Depth | 2.5″ Height

(1)Drawer Dimensions (Inside)–21.25″ Width | 22″ Depth | 7″ Height

items included:

(1) glass palette
(8) wood (solid oak) drawer dividers
(75) 4.5″ wood (birch) drawer dividers
(30) 7″ wood (birch) drawer dividers
(4) wheel casters (2 locking)

Go to our store to order one!


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