Deluxe Studio Edition

We’ve added more features to this already amazing taboret! See details

Exploded View - Shown here in Dark (Dark Walnut Finish)

Exploded View – Shown here in Dark (Dark Walnut Finish)

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This handmade studio taboret is as good as it gets!

A better Design

This taboret is designed specifically for painters, featuring a large work area, an incomparable paint organization system, a trash compartment, and a full extension pull-out tray to increase the available work area.  An enclosed cabinet also provides additional storage.

Now with A better taboret there is a space for everything an artist needs!

A better Quality

Back view - closed

Back view – closed

Sleek minimalist design accentuates this professional taboret.  It is built from solid hardwood for strength as well as aesthetics, and is mounted on casters (front-locking) for mobility. This attractive custom-built studio taboret is the perfect work piece for any artist’s studio.  A better taboret is custom built in ¾” knotty alder or oak (inquire about pricing for other wood types) in dark walnut, DARK, or natural golden oak, NATURAL, finish.  This sturdy taboret is designed to last!

A better Work Area

Work area

Work area

Built-in canisters and medium cups provide easy access to solvents and mediums.  Notches along the back edge of the taboret are designed for resting wet brushes.  Four separate compartments are designed for multiple uses.  A box is designed to hold up to two brush cleaning jars.  A larger box is designed to hold an old phone book for wiping brushes.  Two additional boxes will hold towels, palette knives, cups, pencils, etc.  And a hinged top cover closes to conceal the entire compartment when not in use.  While open, the inside cover reveals notches for an additional area to hold wet brushes.

A large glass palette provides plenty of area for paints.  The bottom of the palette is covered with a neutral gray vinyl coating for accurate color mixing.


A better Trash Compartment

Easy removal of waste materials

Easy removal of waste materials

When it came to adding a trash compartment to A better Taboret, the goal was to combine function with tasteful design. A sliding cover built into the top of the taboret allows easy access to the trash can when painting, while completely hiding the garbage bin from view.  When not in use, the cover closes to conceal the trash area.

Hidden inside the cabinet below is a large 10.8 gallon trash can that glides out on full extension slides.  The bin can be easily removed from its custom built tray.

A better Taboret eliminates the unsightly view of a visible garbage bin in your studio space!

A better Organizer

Drawer items

Drawer items

The most innovative feature of A better Taboret is its specifically designed paint storage drawers.

These completely customizable drawers allow you to organize all of your paint tubes in one place.  No more fumbling through a pile of paint tubes searching for the color you need…each tube is now conveniently displayed and at your fingertips!

A better Taboret is equipped  with five drawers specifically designed for paint tubes. Each spacious drawer has an inside dimension of 20.75” W, 22” D, 2.5” H. Each drawer comes with full extension drawer slides.

Drawer detail

Drawer detail

Fifteen solid oak dividers are provided, allowing adjustable spacing in any of the eight notched cut-outs on the side of each drawer.  Seventy-five aluminum dividers are provided to organize small tubes, and thirty aluminum dividers are also provided to organize large tubes. Each divider is removable, allowing you to customize the drawer in any way you choose.  An artist may store large and small tubes in the same drawer, and a single drawer can be configured to hold up to forty small (40 ml) tubes of paint!

Built and designed by an artist with so many new and innovative features not found in any other taboret, this better taboret is the perfect choice for any serious, working artist!

“Deluxe Studio Edition” Specifications:

Overall Dimensions–57.25″ Width | 25.25″ Depth | 31.75″ Height

(1)Hinged Cover–18.75″ Width | 19″ Depth | 1″ Height

Glass Palette–23.75″ Width | 23.75″ Depth

Pullout Tray–22.5″ Width | 24.25″ Depth

(5)Drawer Dimensions (Inside)–20.75″ Width | 22″ Depth | 2.5″ Height

(L) Cupboard (w/2 Adjustable Shelves)–15.25″ Width | 24″ Depth | 23.5″ Height

(R) Cupboard (w/Pull out Garbage Can)–9.5″ Width | 24″ Depth | 25.75″ Height

items included:

(2) brush canisters w/lids
(2) medium cups
(1) glass palette
(1) garbage can
(15) wood (solid oak) drawer dividers
(125) 4.5″ (aluminum) drawer dividers
(50) 7″ (aluminum) drawer dividers
(4) wheel casters (2 locking)

$4995.00 + Shipping (& Tax if located in UT)


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